Nervous tension is rife at a car accident scene. This is especially true if someone was injured.

After a serious wreck, you will probably want to focus on your physical recovery, but there are administrative processes that you must complete to protect your financial interests. You must comply with your insurance company’s claim requirements, as well as the laws in New Mexico. Failure to do so could prevent you from recovering compensation for health-care bills, lost wages and other damages.

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Read on to learn three reports that you may have to file after a car crash in New Mexico:

  1. Uniform Crash Report

If an accident causes more than $1,000 in property damage, or if it injures or kills someone, then you must file a uniform crash report, which is available for download from the New Mexico Department of Transportation. Before filing this report, however, check with the officer from the crash scene. Sometimes, law enforcement fills out these forms for accident victims.

  1. Insurance Report

Insurance companies conduct their own investigations into accidents. It is imperative that you contact your insurance agent as soon as possible after the crash – especially if there is serious vehicle damage or injuries. Your provider must create its own report, even if the other driver was liable for the wreck.

  1. Police Report

You should contact the police after every accident. An officer should create a police report at the scene. This will contain critical details about the accident, such as who was involved, who caused the accident and what events led to the crash.

Before the officer leaves, ask him or her when you can collect a copy for your own records, which you will need for your claim. If you cannot get an officer on-scene, then you can file an accident report online or in-person during standard office hours, as the City of Albuquerque explains.

It is important to be honest with the officer. Do not give your opinion; only state the facts. Emotions are typically high at an accident scene so many victims inadvertently implicate themselves. For this reason, you should not discuss fault. Implying guilt can harm your claim.

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