Train Accident Lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Train accidents can be devastating. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were a total of 824 railroad accidents in 2016. Among these accidents, 792 people were killed and another 8,231 people were injured. The vast majority of deaths and injuries occur when people trespass on train tracks. Yet, another common source of injury is when cars collide with trains at railroad crossings. According to a Newsweek report, every 3 hours, a person or car is hit by a train. While the vast majority of transportation deaths are highway deaths, train accidents can leave victims with serious injuries and major challenges. When train companies fail to maintain their trains and equipment, and when cities fail to properly maintain crossing signs and guard rails, tragedies can occur. Train companies and cities may be liable to pay for victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages after a train accident. The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC, train accident attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico, works closely with victims and families to help them seek justice after tragedy strikes.

Types of Train Accidents

Train accidents can include crashes at crossings with cars or pedestrians, derailments, accidents due to unprotected railroad crossings, conductor error, railroad negligence, mechanical failure, or stalled cars on railroad tracks. When railroads fail to properly inspect or maintain their train cars or tracks, accidents can happen. Because there are so many possible factors that must be considered, if you’ve been injured in this type of crash, it may be wise to speak to an Albuquerque New Mexico train accident attorney at the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. Our firm can review the railroad’s record of maintenance and review the last time crossing signs were replaced or maintained. We can review the train company’s hiring practices and work hours, to determine whether the workplace was promoting safety by ensuring that employees in critical positions were well rested. The Albuquerque train accident lawyers at the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC can review your case and fight to hold all stakeholders accountable.

Have you been injured as a passenger? Passengers can be at risk of injury when traveling on trains because they may not be using seat belts or other safety devices. If a train suddenly stops, starts, or is involved in a crash, passengers can be seriously injured, get tossed around inside the train car, and suffer injuries ranging from traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, and other serious injuries. Passengers may also be injured when boarding or leaving a train. If you have been hurt as a train passenger, you may have important rights under the law. You may be entitled to receive compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. The train accident lawyers in Albuquerque NM at the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC work closely with passengers to help them seek the compensation they may deserve under the law.

Railroad Crossing Injuries: Of the 140,000 railroad crossings in the U.S. 25% are unmarked, meaning they have no lights or signals to indicate that a train is coming. Railroads can be held liable if there were crossing guardrails and lights present, but these failed to work. The fact that railroad crossing signs sometimes fail to work highlights the importance of always looking both ways before crossing a railroad track, even when guard rails are up and lights are green. Drivers and pedestrians should always assume that they will encounter a train at a crossing and should therefore act accordingly. According to Operation Lifesaver, locomotives weigh about 400,000 pounds. A passenger vehicle hit by a train will almost always invariably get crushed. Pedestrians may also not be aware that a train can extend as far as three feet beyond the track’s steel rail. Always keep your distance from train tracks, and cross only when safe. Trains always have the right of way, but sometimes, defective crossing signs and barriers can result in tragedy. If you or a loved one was hurt in a situation where a barrier or light failed to work, contact the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC, train accident lawyers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Railroad Workers: Railroad workers are protected by the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA), when the railroad is engaged in commerce between two or more states. Railroads are required to offer safety equipment, training, safe work environments, and a range of protections to their workers. Workplaces must be regularly inspected for safety. Sometimes employers fail to provide workers with proper training, safety equipment, and fail to set reasonable standards and times for working. When railroad companies fail to meet these standards, injured employees may have the right to pursue a claim under FELA. If you have been hurt on the job at a railroad, contact the railroad accident lawyers at the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. Our Albuquerque, New Mexico legal team can fight for you.

Seeking the Recovery You May Deserve

If you’ve been injured in a railroad accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, you may be entitled to seek compensation to cover your lost wages, medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering damages. The Albuquerque, New Mexico railroad accident lawyers at the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC work hard to protect the rights of those who have been hurt. Railroad companies may try to protect their bottom lines and interests. They may have teams of lawyers working on their side. You need an attorney fighting in your best interests.

Our firm may be able to resolve your claim with an out of court settlement. Lawsuits can often result in negative press, and many railroad and train companies are willing to settle to avoid this negative publicity. In some cases, families are able to see substantial recoveries that cover their expenses with out of court settlements. However, sometimes it is appropriate to seek a settlement through litigation. The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC is a train accident lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico who will take the time to understand your injuries and their impact. Our firm will then map out the best course of action going forward to result in the best possible outcome.