How to Reduce the Risk of Personal Injury During Spring Break

Whether you spend most of your time in class or at the office, we all need a vacation now and then! But no one needs the pain or tragedy of a personal injury accident.

Unfortunately, too many tourists and vacationers are injured or killed due to preventable injuries every year, and usually not while engaging in extreme activities. The CDC states that the primary cause of lethal injuries for travelers worldwide is car accidents. Whether you’re renting a car or taking the tour bus, you can take steps to prevent serious accidents like head and back injuries. Why not take time to review a plan that you and your loved ones can use to reduce the chances of experiencing a personal injury accident while on vacation?

Review the Safety Checklist

You’re eager to kick off your vacation without a care in the world, but a little time spent reviewing the safety of your surroundings could make all the difference! Additionally, understanding your personal injury risk and the related legal aspects could keep you from signing away your rights to compensation in the event of a personal injury!

1: Check the credentials and licensing of all bus companies, airlines, excursions providers, amusement parks, and touring companies. Research their experience and evaluate their safety ratings.

2: Read through legal information and other safety information carefully on cruise ships, excursions, vehicle or equipment rentals, tours, horseback riding trips and more.

3: Do not sign liability waivers without reading them first. You could be signing away your ability to claim compensation in the event of an accident.

4: Drive on vacation only if you understand the local rules of the road, especially if you are in a foreign country. Take time to familiarize yourself with maps ahead of time so that you’re not fumbling with a GPS. Read about traffic laws so that you can better anticipate the actions of other drivers. Be especially alert and cautious at night or in conditions with reduced visibility. Familiarize yourself with your rental car before hitting the road.

5: Avoid riding in buses, vehicles, watercraft, or amusement park rides if you notice any potential hazards.

Review the Plan of Action

Unfortunately, even the most safety-conscious vacationers can sometimes still experience a serious injury. This is when the plan of action is critical. Acting fast can not only help prevent further injury but can also help maximize your chances of presenting a successful personal injury case! Legal Match suggests steps to take when a personal injury occurs:

  • Get immediate medical attention
  • Gather as much evidence as possible
  • Document your experience thoroughly
  • Contact your personal injury attorney without delay

If you’re injured during travel, you’re likely entitled to significant compensation. But it’s essential to get started on your case as soon as possible because waiting could cost you the compensation you deserve! The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC is here to fight for your case! Call us at 505-207-4401 or contact us online to get started.

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