Summer will be here before you know it, and summer vacation plans are calling your name! While booking flights, cruises, vacation packages, and other activities, you’ll often be prompted with the option to purchase travel insurance. Many soon-to-be tourists are wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of travel insurance, and what is and isn’t covered. As personal injury attorneys, we’ve handled cases of all kinds involving accidents and insurance battles. Personal injury accidents due to someone else’s negligence can happen anytime, anywhere…even in paradise! We want your next vacation to leave you with only the best memories, so let’s look at some essential questions and answers regarding travel insurance.

What Does My Travel Insurance Plan Cover?

Some travel insurance is meant to only cover expenses related to travel delays, lost luggage, canceled flights, missed connections and other related inconveniences. These plans have nothing to do with healthcare or injuries. Some travel insurance plans do relate to health, as they include cancelation benefits that cover your expenses in the event that you are too sick to travel during your original schedule.

Some plans include coverage for emergency healthcare needs or healthcare-related transportation. According to the Travel Insurance Review, a benefit to many travel insurance plans for international travel is providing assistance services in your own language to help you locate a suitable medical facility while abroad and arrange the necessary transportation.

Travelers should also consider emergency evacuation insurance. An international emergency evacuation can cost $100,000 or more, but you’ll pay a fraction of the cost with the appropriate travel insurance plan.

Will My Normal Health Insurance Cover Me While I’m Traveling Abroad?

If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone! Forbes reports that “one in three Americans are unclear whether their domestic health insurance will cover any doctor or hospital visits while traveling outside the U.S.” The answer is that it depends on your healthcare provider and your plan. Some plans do cover select limited medical expenses, but you should definitely call your provider to confirm what is covered.

What If I’m Injured Abroad Because of Someone Else’s Negligence?

Sightseeing tours, cruises, flights, adventure activities, and even lounging at a resort can take a turn for the worse if you’re injured. If the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, you’re most likely entitled to financial compensation to cover your medical bills, canceled plans, and more. Once your immediate medical needs have been taken care of, it’s a smart idea to contact your personal injury attorney as your next step towards getting justice and compensation for your personal injury case!

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