Ride sharing services have become a part of daily life in Florida and throughout the United States. However, there have also been some serious problems associated with the two major ride sharing companies.

Due to increased public awareness about accidents and criminal acts by ride sharing drivers, local news for West Palm Beach shared some safety tips for people who use ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

West Palm Beach news gives ride sharing safety tips

The news station’s president began by talking about how many people use ride sharing as a convenient alternative to having to make other transportation arrangements when they celebrate, consume alcohol, or may not have access to their own car. Holidays and other special events tend to increase the amount of people looking for ride sharing services.

At the local Sunfest two years earlier, a woman who called for a ride was attacked by the driver. A young female college student was also recently killed when she made a mistake after calling an uber ride and entered the wrong car.

Some safety tips include confirming that the car you are about to enter and the person you are speaking to actually matches the information on your phone. Many incidents have began with people getting into the wrong cars or individuals posing as ride sharing drivers. Riding in the back seat and trying to always ride with other passengers helps minimize the chances of the driver doing something dangerous or illegal. The driver should also know your name because their ride sharing app will provide it to them. That means any driver who cannot identify you may be trying to pick people up illegally. Staying in contact with friends and family before, during, and after a ride is a good way to keep in touch in case something happens or provide information as to where you are at the time the ride started.

Many are beginning to realize that the convenience of ride sharing comes with a number of serious dangers. Parents who allow children to use ride sharing services should be especially vigilant and make sure their kids always follow these rules. Reminding them every time they are about to get in another car will help.

Laws and regulations related to ride sharing

When you are involved in an accident caused by a ride sharing driver, it is important to get help from an attorney who specializes in these kinds of cases. The process for a lawsuit against a company such as Uber and Lyft is somewhat different from normal car accidents, as insurance functions differently, and ride sharing services try to claim that their drivers are independent contractors rather than employees.

Uber’s complex insurance coverage

One important example is that the company Uber has varying levels of insurance coverage for their drivers. The coverage may also be affected by issues such as whether they had passengers in the vehicle, if they were actively working, and whether the vehicle that got into the accident was the one registered with the company as their ride sharing car. Passengers during a legitimate ride will be covered by large insurance policy that the company pays for. However, the Uber driver needs to be determined to be at fault for this to go into effect. There are also measures in place that protect the company and its passengers after a hit and run accident. Some insurance companies also do not want to pay out if they realize a driver was using their car for ride sharing without purchasing special insurance for commercial use. To get any concrete answers as to what will happen after a car accident involving an Uber driver, it is best to contact an attorney and give them the complete story of the incident.

Lyft’s accident policies

Lyft has its own unique policies and insurance claims process as well, as this is a totally different company. Lyft has more limited insurance, which will not apply to every accident. If you are injured as a passenger or hit by a Lyft driver, it is important to file a police report to create a record of the accident. This should be done even if the driver does not want to make the report out of concerns about being reprimanded by their employer. Lyft also has their own department which they call a safety team that is designated to help with accidents and related issues. They can also start the insurance claim process.

Get help from a local lawyer who specializes in this area

If you have had an incident with a ride sharing service in the West Palm Beach and, contact the attorneys at Smith and Vanture. They will provide advice based on your specific situation and file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary.