Most parents feel mixed emotions when their kids start driving. While this is an exciting milestone in your child’s life, driving comes with inherent dangers – especially for young and inexperienced motorists.

Man And Woman Having Argument After Traffic Accident

Auto accidents cause more deaths among teenagers aged 16 to 19 than any other factor, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fortunately, there are steps that parents can take to minimize their children’s risk of crashing and suffering injuries:

  1. Take a defensive-driving course with your child;
  2. Buy a safe vehicle;
  3. Lead by example;
  4. And offer incentives for driving safely.

Unfortunately, even the most responsible drivers can fall victim to negligent and reckless motorists. If you or your child suffered an injury in a crash that another driver caused, contact The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income and noneconomic damages.

Call 505-207-4401 today to schedule a free initial consultation with an injury lawyer in Albuquerque. Until then, read on to learn four tips that can minimize your child’s risk of accidents and injuries:

  1. Take a Defensive-Driving Course with Your Child

Defensive-driving classes teach participants how to identify and avoid dangerous situations on the road. They also provide helpful tips for minimizing your risk of accidents and injuries.

Both inexperienced and experienced drivers can benefit from taking these courses. Also, you and your child may qualify for reduced insurance premiums upon completion. Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles website or call the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division at 888-683-4636 to learn how to sign up.

  1. Buy a Safe Vehicle

Vehicles with high safety ratings and new technologies can reduce your child’s risk of crashing. Also, a safe vehicle can help your kid avoid injuries if an accident happens.

Try to find a larger, heavier vehicle because it will provide more protection in a collision than a smaller car. If your budget allows, look for a vehicle with lane-departure warnings, a backup camera and a crash avoidance system.

You should also check safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Before you make the purchase, read the vehicle’s history report for information about recalls, previous accidents and maintenance.

  1. Lead by Example

Convincing teen drivers to buckle up, put their cell phones away and obey speed limits can feel like an uphill battle. This will be even more challenging if you do not lead by example. Whenever you drive with your child in the car, demonstrate the levels of awareness and responsibility that you expect from him or her.

  1. Offer Incentives for Safe Driving

Many young drivers make mistakes behind the wheel because they are inexperienced. This does not necessarily mean that your child is a reckless or bad driver.

However, your teen should understand that dangerous, irresponsible behavior behind the wheel has consequences. Do not be afraid to revoke his or her driving privileges. You can also offer rewards for avoiding citations or showing responsible driving etiquette.

If the worst happens and your child suffers an injury due to a negligent motorist, contact The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. An Albuquerque car accident attorney will evaluate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses and help you pursue the maximum compensation. Schedule a free initial consultation today by calling 505-207-4401.

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