Have you ever driven over a curb, veered into another lane, or simply struggled to see the vehicle in front of you because of the sun? If you answered yes, you are like many other drivers out there. The truth is, it can be rather difficult to operate a motor vehicle when the sun is rising or setting and is shining directly through your windshield and into your eyes. Unfortunately, the sun isn’t only causing other drivers to just ride over curbs or suffer from squinting just to keep their eyes open, rather, some blame the sun for obstructing their view, causing them to collide into a pedestrian.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the driver who hit 69-year-old Olga Zhak told police the sun was in their eyes and that they didn’t see Zhak when she was crossing the street. Sadly, she died as a result of the incident. The 69-year-old had been headed back home from Sprouts Market in the DeVargas Center. The source stated that she loved to cook but didn’t have a driver’s license, so she often would make her grocery runs by foot.

Just a day prior to this unfortunate accident, around the same time of day, another woman in her 60’s was hit by a motorist while crossing the street, although she survived the accident. She was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque in critical condition. Both pedestrian-related accidents occurred earlier in the year.

Now, because most of us can agree that the sun affects our driving to some degree, it is important that you do all that you can to avoid an accident similar to the ones described above. And how can you do this? Aside from being alert when the sun is rising or setting, you may also consider purchasing a pair of sunglasses that will help you see beyond the glare of the sun and identify if any pedestrians may be crossing the street. To help you choose a pair of sunglasses that are considered to be some of the best for driving, we are sharing some recommendations Geico provided in terms of which types of glasses you will want.

Which types of sunglasses are best for driving?

According to Geico, “the color and tint of the lenses can affect how our eyes adjust to outside conditions, while the frames can restrict our field vision.” Essentially, the shades you might wear when going to the beach may not be the same shades you will want to wear in an effort to combat the rays of sunshine beaming through your windshield. So, here are a few things to consider when purchasing your next pair of driving shades:

  1. Be sure the sunglasses you buy are well made. The source recommends that you hold them at arm’s length in a straight line, like a countertop edge, and look through the lenses. “If the view appears curved or blurred or distorted in any way, the sunglasses are probably not good quality.”
  2. Choose polarized lenses. “Polarization absorbs the reflective glare that bounces off both the road and oncoming cars, allowing you to focus clearly on what’s in front of you.”
  3. Buy shades that protect against both UVA and UVB rays.
  4. Avoid pink, blue, or green lenses as they can confuse a red light for another color and potentially cause you to run it. Instead, the source says you should go for a lens with a dark gray tint.
  5. Finally, you are going to want to choose a style that’s “snug to the sides of the face, with lenses that are close to your eyes. The lenses should be large enough that the frame’s arms don’t get in the way of your peripheral vision; they should allow you to see out even as they block light coming in from the side.”

While choosing a pair of sunglasses for driving might not have seemed that difficult in the past, clearly, there is more to it than choosing a pair that is the most flattering on. The fact is, your safety, as well as those around you, is everything and you wouldn’t want to compromise it by not taking the necessary precautions to avoid an accident. However, if you have been involved in a wreck or are responsible for causing one yet you sustained injuries as well, your next step after seeking medical attention is to call Albuquerque, NM car accident attorney Brian K. Branch.

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