Truck accident settlements can vary quite a bit due to the amount of damages you are entitled to recover after a crash. The lowest amount recovered where there actually may be a settlement is around a few thousand dollars. The reason there is really no minimum amount in such a case is that each truck accident differs in damages and what an accident victim can actually recover.

Damages that can be recovered from the at-fault driver are medical bills, lost wages due to not being able to work, cost of vehicle repairs to replace damaged parts, pain and suffering and punitive damages.

You can expect due to personal injury laws, damages will be determined by the percentage of fault on your end and reduced based on the amount of fault on your end in the accident.

Truck accidents can harm your financial health due to the amount of savings needed to initially cover medical bills and transportation if your car is totaled.

Again, the minimum received by a party filing a truck accident claim is going to vary and thus trying to come up with a ballpark average settlement is impossible to do. Many truck accident cases that are looked at by a personal injury lawyer simply do not have enough damages for a legitimate claim. You will want to speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a truck accident to determine whether you have a case at all. Only a personal injury lawyer will be able to determine the nature of your case and whether it is worth pursuing.

The Law Office of Brian K Branch has extensive experience handling truck accident cases in New Mexico and will aggressively fight for your rights.

The severity of your injuries and how long they take to heal and rehabilitate will impact a potential settlement if your case is taken to court. Minimum settlements in a truck accident case can be in the hundreds of thousands to millions for victims who simply never recover from their injuries. Life changing injuries are where settlements will be determined to be worth millions many times and the defendant may settle instead of risking millions more by losing in court. Insurance companies are not your friends. Our attorneys are aggressive in dealing with insurance companies as they seek to pay out as little as possible in they are determined to be the party at fault.

Personal injury lawyers in serious injury cases will pursue economic loss from the defendant since medical bills are commonly in the thousands. Some serious injury victims can never work again even if they partially recover. When the injuries impact their pain level and ability to live life as they once did, personal injury lawyers have a clear path to a settlement most of the time. No matter how much you are considered at fault, a lawyer will typically pursue the case for some amount of damages. It is easy for personal injury lawyers to know when a case is worth pursuing by looking at overall damages. Our attorneys know what a strong case looks like and will review your potential claim in a timely manner.

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