An injury to your neck can cause difficulty with food moving through your passageway, breathing difficulties and lack of blood flow. The neck has a very important role in the body and if it is not functioning correctly, the effects can be detrimental to your health and freedom to have full mobility every day.

One of the most common ways a neck injury happens is by falling at home or out in public.

At the Law Office of Brian K Branch, we are committed to getting you the best result for your situation. We have handled slip and fall cases relating to serious neck injuries in the past and our clients were unable to get a resolution without a personal injury lawyer in New Mexico like us. We will review your case in a timely manner and let you know the best particular path to win your case. We only get paid if we win your case. Our office receives a percentage of the settlement and we always work only on a contingency basis. We have the necessary experience to win your case.

Neck injuries are one of the most common changes to a person’s functioning after a car accident. This is because whip lash most often affects the neck during impact in a crash. Whiplash injuries account for over 1.2 million injuries diagnosed in the United States every year. Although there are no specific numbers on how many neck injuries occur due to car accidents, many car accidents victims can suffer only one injury in a minor car accident and it can often be neck related.

The top 2 causes of neck injuries in personal injury are slip and falls and car accidents. Chronic pain in the neck is a leading pain condition in the US. Every year victims of personal injury incidents either lose functioning in their neck due to a serious crash or they have regular pain that does not go away.

Neck pain is very bothersome to our clients who suffered a neck injury and sometimes in addition they have spinal cord pain. One misalignment in the spine can cause regular chronic pain that does not go away. This can impact sleeping and being able to do every day takes that were much simpler before the injury.

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