Shoulder pain after an accident can turn into something much worse if you decide to ignore it and not go to the doctor right away.

There are multiple causes of shoulder pain. One common cause is whiplash. The neck muscles will tighten up after impact to the head and back in a car crash. The neck and back will be sore for a couple weeks and the shoulders can also have pain for an extended period of time.

Injuries to the tissue can cause shoulder fractures after a crash that can only be seen by x-rays from a doctor visit. You are more likely to have soft tissue injuries that need surgery instead of broken bones in the neck or shoulders. But broken bones do regularly occur after severe accidents.

Muscle tears are the result of suffering such a huge blow to the body while in motion during the accident. Your doctor will know based on how bad the injury is what recovery will look like. Sometimes concussions or head trauma are the main injuries to be concerned about. But broken bones and tissue injuries will require long-term treatment going forward. The most common broken bones suffered in a crash are the collarbone followed by the upper arm bone, called the humerus.

These types of injuries will take months to heal and will require regular doctor checkups to see the progress.
If the pain does not go away, it is even more important to see the doctor from day 1. Untreated shoulder pain can end up turning chronic over a short amount of time.

You deserve to seek compensation if the injuries were caused due to no fault of your own. You likely will be unable to work and do everyday tasks until healing has occurred. We will seek the maximum amount of damages allowed by law for your injuries and pain and suffering. We do not take short cuts. We aggressively defend your rights until a settlement has been reached.

New Mexico is a state where these incidents are happening everyday all across the state. It can be hard to find a personal injury lawyer you can trust and count on to handle your case and determine the best plan of action moving forward.