Have you ever found yourself coasting along in your vehicle only to look down at your speedometer to see that you were well over the speed limit? If you said yes, then you are like most drivers in the state of New Mexico. The fact is, while it is easy to push your gas pedal just a few miles over the speed limit, it is much more difficult to stop in time to avoid an accident. The reality is, speeding, no matter how few miles you are over the legal speed limit, increases your chances of engaging in an accident tremendously. Unfortunately, too many drivers fail to take this into account which is why so many collisions occur and so many lives are taken.

In 2016 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that there were 51,914 drivers involved in 34,439 fatal crashes and 37,461 lost their lives. Of those 37,461, 10,111 were killed in accidents where at least one driver was speeding. As shocking as these numbers are, drivers continue to travel beyond what the speed limit signs stipulate or adjust their driving based on the weather, roadway conditions, and even the flow of traffic.

Two Killed in High-Speed Accident in Albuquerque

This past Sunday, two individuals were killed in a high-speed collision that occurred in Northeast Albuquerque, NM and another left in critical condition [Source: Albuquerque Journal].

The news source reported that the three individuals had been driving in a Ford Mustang and the operator of the vehicle was traveling at a high-speed heading south on Chelwood Park NE. Police say the driver flew through a stop sign at Constitution Avenue. Simon Drobik, who is a spokesman for the Albuquerque Police Department, stated that “the vehicle bottomed out twice with the driver losing control” and it then “began to slide sideways entering the landscaping on the east side of the street where it struck a large landscaping boulder and went airborne.” The vehicle then “vaulted over several parked vehicles embedding itself into the corner apartment [located] at 1116 Chelwood Park NE.”

Drobik stated that the three occupants traveling inside the Mustang were ejected. Two of the individuals who were identified as Rencehausen and Melanie Trujillo were transported to University of New Mexico Hospital where Rencehausen died shortly after arriving there. Melanie Trujillo was placed in the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition. As for the third occupant, although authorities hadn’t yet disclosed his identity, they did say that he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Do you know someone who was involved in a speeding-related accident?

It always saddening to hear about auto accidents occurring, especially those that result in one or more lives being taken and it is even more difficult when the person or people involved are those you know your love. The reality is, once a collision transpires, it can’t be undone, however, certain forms of legal action can be taken to help prevent other drivers from engaging in the same or similar behavior. Therefore, if a loved one of yours was recently involved in an auto accident that was caused by another driver speeding in or nearby to Albuquerque, we encouraged you to contact the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC today.

Albuquerque NM, car accident attorney Brian K. Branch understands how difficult life can be for you and your loved one given they survived the crash and wants to help you take action against the driver who caused these unfortunate circumstances to arise. Whether this is through filing a personal injury lawsuit in an effort to recover damages for the pain and suffering the driver has caused or request that they pay punitive damages as a form of punishment so they think twice before ever speeding again, our office can help you make a decision on how to handle the matter.

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