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4 Questions to Ask during Your Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque

The costs of lost wages, medical bills, and vehicle repairs can add up quickly after a serious collision. Unfortunately, the personal injury claims process is riddled with legal complexities. […]

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What Constitutes “Wrongful Death” in New Mexico?

In addition to causing overwhelming grief, the death of a loved one can cost a veritable fortune due to lost income, medical bills, funeral costs, and other expenses. Although no amount of money can undo such a tragedy, you may be able to restore financial stability by filing a wrongful death claim. […]

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What Is the Lifetime Cost of a Spinal Injury?

A serious car accident can damage any part of the body, but injuries to the spinal cord are particularly devastating. As WebMD explains, the spinal cord is composed of nerve cells that transmit messages throughout the body. Because the spine plays an integral role in so many of the body’s functions, a spinal cord injury [...]

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What Duty of Care Do Drivers Have toward Pedestrians?

Despite traffic laws and designated paths for walkers and bikers, pedestrian accidents are still common in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 4,735 pedestrians died in motor-vehicle accidents in 2013. That means one pedestrian died every two hours on average. […]

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8 Safety Tips for Kids Who Walk To and From School

If you live near your children’s school, then letting them walk is a practical, healthy way to introduce independence. However, all it takes is one negligent driver to cause a pedestrian accident – and these tragedies happen more often than you might think. […]

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What Should I Do after a Slip and Fall in a Shopping Mall? Albuquerque Personal-Injury Attorney Has the Answer

Millions of people walk through shopping malls every day, each of them browsing for great deals and the latest trends. Most of them wouldn’t give a second thought to their safety. After all, shopping is meant to be fun and exciting, and occasionally a little expensive. […]

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What Are 3 Common Types of Product Defects? Albuquerque Personal-Injury Attorney Investigates

We use household items so often in the course of an ordinary day that we don’t often think about the risks they involve. Burns, cuts, shocks, even suffocation – these are just some of the injuries you could suffer when using a product that is defective. […]

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What Elements Do I Need to Prove in a Drunk Driving Injury Claim? Insights from a New Mexico Injury Lawyer

Poor weather, unsafe lane changes, tailgating – these can all contribute to serious car crashes. But there’s one danger that’s more deadly than all of these: drunk driving. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 9,967 people killed in alcohol-related crashes in 2014. That’s an average of one drunk-driving [...]

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6 Steps You Should Take Immediately after a Car Accident – and Why: Albuquerque Personal-Injury Attorney Insights

The average American spends more than 100 hours commuting to work every year, according to the United States Census Bureau. To put that in perspective, it’s more than the average vacation time most people clock in a single year: two weeks, or 80 hours. […]

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