On August 30th, a Greyhound bus carrying approximately 50 people and a semi tractor-trailer collided on Interstate 40 in New Mexico leaving nine people dead and 25 others injured. The bus had been heading west on the interstate when a semi traveling in the “opposite direction lost tread on its left front tire and veered across a median, [smashing] into the bus,” according to the Chicago Tribune. The accident scene was horrific. The front of the bus was left mangled and the truck’s trailer was positioned on its side. Debris was strewn across the roadway and passengers inside the bus struggled to escape from the wreck.

The news source highlighted that many of the cars that were passing by stopped in an effort to provide assistance to those in need. Some even were said to have taken a ladder from their truck to reach the bus windows and help those inside get out. New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas referred to these individuals as “heroes.” That day was nothing short of a tragedy and was a difficult one for many families to accept. And still to this day, there are a few victims who remain hospitalized, fighting to recover from the injuries they suffered.

While investigators have already begun to dig into the remains of the bus accident to find out more about why this incident occurred, many negligence claims are now being filed by some of the victims whose lives have been impacted by the crash. The Chicago Tribune is saying that many of these complaints are alleging that the truck driver and JAG Transportation Inc., which is responsible for overseeing the operation of the truck that was involved in the wreck, displayed negligence which contributed to this accident.

Apparently, these complaints include data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that highlights the company had already reported three other collisions within the last 24 months. One of the attorneys handling the case said, “there are concerns about proper maintenance and inspection of the truck’s tires.” As of right now, the truck driver has not had any charges filed against him nor has the company, although investigators are still looking through the evidence they have collected to see if they can identify the true cause of the fatal crash.

In the meantime, however, many of the victims, who have not yet been identified, are moving forward with their negligence claims as some have suffered injuries that range from minor to severe. The source highlighted that just a few days ago, three people were still in the intensive care unit at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque and one of those individuals was said to be in critical condition. Some of the injuries that were reported ranged from head trauma to spinal fractures. Needless to say, many of them “will have a long road to recovery ahead,” according to Sonlee West, who is the director of the hospital’s trauma unit.

While there is no evidence as of yet that supports that the truck driver or the company was negligent, these victims may stand a chance at winning their case if their attorneys can prove someone within JAG Transportation Inc. neglected to do their job properly. The fact is, truck drivers, as well as the companies in which they work for, are required to inspect their vehicles before driving them. Many of these large semi-trucks travel hundreds and hundreds of miles each day and they can become deadly to others on the roadway if they aren’t properly maintained.

And that is why we also encourage you to come forward with your complaint if you or someone you know was recently involved in a truck or bus collision in New Mexico. Not only will you need a NM truck accident lawyer to help you prove negligence contributed to the wreck, but you will want that additional support as well as someone who is skilled in this field of law fighting for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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