What Is A No Zone In Driving

Understanding what a no zone is can help you become more aware of your surroundings while driving, thus being a safer driver. The no zone is essentially where there is no visibility around a truck. As a driver you are responsible for following the rules of the road while also being aware of other drivers. The no zone can make it hard to maneuver your vehicle in a safe manner. Driving near any truck, especially semi-trucks can be a dangerous task.

There are four no zones that present danger to drivers: the side no zones, rear no zones, front no zones and wide right turns.

First side no zones on trucks and buses are very large areas those large areas where the driver cannot see around are the side no zones.

Rear no zones are the limited view trucks have of the rear of the vehicle they are driving. Semi-truck drivers can only rely on their side-view mirrors to see who is driving behind them.

Front no zones are the area in front of the semi-truck. It is best to follow multiple car lengths to safely merge in front of a semi-truck.

For wide turns never stay behind or beside a semi-truck while they are making a wide turn. Semi-truck drivers need space to safely maneuver such a turn. Turning next to a semi while they are making a narrow turn could leave you squished between the truck and the curb.

Accidents do happen, but you can safely avoid such an accident with semi-trucks and larger vehicles by being aware of the no zones at all times. If you are the victim of an accident because a truck driver did not safely operate its vehicle while driving and you suffered injuries as a result reach out to us today.