Although vehicles today come equipped with many different features such as back up cameras and sensors and lane detection systems that are geared toward making your trip safer, there are certain devices you can purchase on your own that can actually increase your level of safety. With auto accidents at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the devices currently on the market so that in the event an accident occurs, you and/or your children reduce the chances of sustaining a serious injury. If you are interested in learning what some of these are, we have highlighted below a few for you.

  1. The Tummy Shield.

While car seats are made to protect newborn babies, what about protecting them while they are still in the womb? The fact is, there are thousands of pregnant women driving on the roadway today and if someone carrying a child were to engage in a crash, they risk harming their baby or even losing him/her. That is why some expecting mothers choose to purchase the Tummy Shield. According to Safe Ride 4 Kids, this gadget can be bought when an expecting mother begins to wear maternity clothing. The source says that the Tummy Shield is the “only crash-tested pregnancy seat belt adjuster that actually protects baby in the event of a crash.” Here’s why:

  • With its patented design, the Tummy Shield “redirects the seat belt, securing [it] at the leg, not across the lower belly where it can injure your unborn baby.”
  • Its stainless steel plate along with its anchor construction “ensures it is as strong or stronger than the seat belt and holds the seat belt firmly in place.”
  1. IPOW’s Safety Hammer

This device is useful for when a person is involved in a wreck and becomes trapped inside their vehicle. Unfortunately, this does happen often and many people lose their lives simply because the impact of the accident led to them becoming trapped inside their vehicle. IPOW’s Safety Hammer comes equipped with two useful features. On one side, it contains a razor blade that can be used to cut off a seat belt and on the other side, the device is a stainless-steel hammer that has the power to smash through a car window allowing you to escape.

  1. Ford’s MyKey System

This device allows parents to customize certain settings for when their teen is driving. For example, it allows them to limit how loud the radio volume can go, it has a “Belt-Minder” that will chime and mute the speakers until the buckle clicks, and it even has a setting that allows a parent to prevent the car from traveling at high rates of speed. Although this is only something a Ford owner can take advantage of, you may want to find out if your car’s manufacturer has something similar that you can purchase.

If all drivers exercise care and caution while driving, we can expect that the number of accidents that occur will reduce. However, not all drivers are willing to practice safe driving which is why it might be necessary to invest in some devices that will help reduce the chances of sustaining a severe or even fatal injury in the event an accident transpires. While these are only some of the devices you can purchase, it may be wise to do some research and see what else is available that can make driving a little safer for everyone.

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