When we hear the word “spa” we often imagine a place with calming music, massage therapists waiting on us hand and foot, and people lounging around with green clay masks sipping water infused with lemon. While most spas provide their clients with the relaxing experience they are seeking, there are a few concerns that have come to light regarding a particular spa in Albuquerque we thought were important to share with you.

Apparently, New Mexico’s Health Department has issued a warning to clients who have visited VIP Spa located at 809 Tijeras NW as one woman has come forward after developing an infection after receiving a “vampire facial.” According to the Albuquerque Journal, “a vampire facial is a procedure in which a provider draws about 2 teaspoons of blood and uses a centrifuge to isolate platelets. The material is then injected into the face as a way to rejuvenate skin.”

The state’s health department is saying that anyone who has received this type of facial or had other procedures done that required the use of an injection should get tested for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. After the woman’s complaint was filed, several inspectors from various agencies determined there were some “issues with storage, handling, and disposing of needles at the spa.”

Epidemiologist Michael Landen said that his agency is more concerned about those who visited the spa in May and June, although the warning stands for anyone who has had a vampire facial or any other type of procedure that was done with an injection. Because Landen and his team didn’t have access to an appointment book or any other system that tracks patient visits, they were unable to identify just how many people might be affected by the potentially contaminated needles.

State Offers Free Lab Testing to Clients of VIP Spa

Landen also stated that the state would be offering free and confidential lab testing and counseling to those who had one or more procedures done at VIP Spa recently. The free lab testing and counseling will be done at the Midtown Public Health Office located at 2400 Wellesley NE on Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The source went on to highlight that as a result of the allegations made against the spa, it has been shut down after inspectors found that it did not have a required state establishment license. The facility held its license from September 2011 to March 2013 but neglected to get it renewed, according to the Department of Regulation and Licensing. The news source highlighted that “the spa will remain closed until it corrects violations discovered during the inspection and is re-inspected.”

When we go to a place such as a spa, doctor, or even clinic where needles are used, we expect that the facility handles and disposes of their needles in the proper manner as they sometimes carry germs and other diseases. Unfortunately, not all facilities acknowledge how dangerous and unsanitary is can be when needles aren’t properly stored or disposed of. And if you recently developed an illness after visiting a spa or health care clinic in Albuquerque and believe it was brought on after treatment was rendered, consider contacting Albuquerque, NM personal injury attorney Brian K. Branch.

If it can be proven that the facility was negligent and exposed you to an illness, you may qualify to file a personal injury lawsuit against it. To learn more about personal injury law and what your illness might entitle you to collect, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation.