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8 Ways to Prevent Oilfield Accidents – Tips from an Albuquerque Personal-Injury Lawyer

Many people underestimate the dangers of working on an oilfield, but according to the United States Department of Labor, this is one of the most hazardous professions in the country. On average, more than 120 workers die on oilfields each year, and thousands more sustain injuries. […]

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3 Reports You May Have to File after an Accident in New Mexico – Insights from an Albuquerque Personal-Injury Attorney

Nervous tension is rife at a car accident scene. This is especially true if someone was injured.After a serious wreck, you will probably want to focus on your physical recovery, but there are administrative processes that you must complete to protect your financial interests. You must comply with your insurance company’s claim requirements, as well [...]

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What Damages Can You Claim in a Wrongful Death Case? Albuquerque Injury Attorney Explains

No experience can match the trauma of a loved one’s death. Unfortunately, the emotional grief is just the beginning. The surviving family may struggle to pay bills if the deceased was a primary source of income. This is where an injury attorney may be able to help. […]

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Albuquerque Injury Attorney Discusses the Top 5 “Dos and Don’ts” of Car Accident Lawsuits

Most injury cases settle before going to trial. Unfortunately, car accident victims often settle for an amount that is much less than what they deserve. This can lead to insurmountable debt and eventual bankruptcy – especially if ongoing medical care is necessary. An injury attorney may be able to help you avoid this tragic mistake. [...]

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What Is a Vehicle Recall? Albuquerque Injury Attorney Answers 3 Auto Defect FAQs

New vehicles cannot enter the consumer market until they pass a series of safety tests. Despite these evaluations, vehicle recalls are still common. In fact, in 2013 alone, manufacturers recalled an estimated 22 million vehicles, according to Forbes. If you learn that your vehicle has been recalled, then it is critical that you follow the manufacturer’s [...]

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