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Best Car Accident Lawyers

Over the last decade, the world’s leading auto manufacturers have been racing to develop the first mass-produced driverless cars. Last year was particularly revolutionary thanks to the launch of Uber’s driverless fleet. There’s no disputing the fact that self-driving vehicles will have far-reaching benefits, but will they reduce the number of personal injury lawsuits? According [...]

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Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement

The average motorcycle settlement depends on a number of factors, but generally speaking each case varies due to the severity of injuries suffered by the injured party and the overall amount of damages from the crash itself. By consulting with a personal injury lawyer you can begin to understand what kind of settlement you may [...]

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What Is A No Zone In Driving?

Understanding what a no zone is can help you become more aware of your surroundings while driving, thus being a safer driver. The no zone is essentially where there is no visibility around a truck. As a driver you are responsible for following the rules of the road while also being aware of other [...]

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