Most people do not understand the complexity of workers’ compensation laws until they fall ill or suffer an injury on the job. Recovering money for lost income and medical bills can be a complicated process, which is why the guidance of an injury lawyer may prove invaluable.

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Employers must have workers’ compensation insurance if they hire more than three employees, according to New Mexico University Law School. If employers do not fulfill this requirement, they may be liable for injuries that their workers suffer while performing job-related duties.

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Here are four tips for success with workers’ comp claims:

  1. Immediately Notify Your Supervisor That You Were Injured

According to the Worker’s Compensation Administration, you must file your claim within 15 days of the injury. If circumstances make this impossible, you may be able to extend this to 60 days. You have to tell your boss immediately because you cannot miss this deadline. If you do, you will not be able to claim.

It is not always possible to report injuries immediately. Some injuries can take several days to show symptoms; others occur gradually – such as illnesses from exposure to harmful chemicals. In these cases, you should inform your supervisor as soon as you suspect the injury or illness.

  1. Visit a Doctor

You need proof of an actual injury to claim workers’ compensation, and this is usually in the form of a doctor’s report. You should consult a physician as soon as you notice an injury or illness. If you delay, then it may be difficult for your personal-injury attorney to tie your ailments to work-related duties.

Tell your physician that you suffered a work-related injury. Be specific. Doctors rarely investigate the cause of an injury or illness, but having that knowledge not only may improve treatment but also could strengthen your claim if the physician makes a note in his or her report.

  1. Follow Workers’ Compensation Regulations

Your employer will know which doctors may treat you under his or her employee coverage. You may be able to choose your own doctor, but you should check with your employer beforehand. If you are transferred after initial treatment, you will also need to know who may transfer you. You may change this doctor after 60 days if it seems necessary, but you will need to notify the other party with a “Notice of Change of Healthcare Provider” form.

  1. Learn about the Claims Process

People who suffer work-related injuries have no guarantee of compensation. In fact, they often face uphill legal battles.

As an injured worker, you have the burden of providing evidence to prove your claim. You must fulfill all of the legal requirements to claim workers’ compensation. A personal-injury attorney can represent your interests and help you avoid mistakes.

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