Bad prescription drugs are dangerous if they are not tested ahead of time or if a manufacturing failure causes harm to the person taking the drug.

Prescription drug companies sometimes put profits ahead of people’s safety. These companies have a duty to put out prescriptions that are safe and pass safety standards so the drug’s intended use is satisfied.

If you’ve taken a bad drug that caused you harm and you suffered injury from it, we are here to help. Our attorneys will hold these companies responsible and make them pay the price. Most of Americans rely on prescription drugs every day and instances of bad drugs entering the marketplace do happen.

We want you to know that prescription drug injuries have to be taken seriously and the harm caused can be substantial to everyday Americans.

Here are the types of lawsuits that can result from bad drugs in the United States and for our clients in New Mexico:
The first type of lawsuit is a failure to warn on medications. Prescription drugs are labeled for a reason and when the instructions are not clearly labeled on the bottle this can be downright dangerous and end up being mistreatment. Sometimes manufacturers put out drugs that are used for a condition the medication was not intended to treat.

The next kind of lawsuit that we see is for bad drug design defects. When a customer takes the medication, the resulting side effects are worse than the actual treatment benefit from taking the drug. Some side effects are so dangerous in the long run that it’s best to not take the drug at all.

The final type of lawsuit we see related to bad drugs is manufacturing defects. The first few days the customer takes the medication from the drug company they get sick or feel drastically worse from a bad batch of medication. The bottom line is the medication did not do what it was intended to and harmed the customer.

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