Back and spinal cord injuries generally go hand in hand. It’s hard to just injure your back and also not your spinal cord. Such an injury has the potential to be life changing and cause constant pain. When having suffered this kind of injury at no fault of your own, it is best to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. If you are no longer able to work and are losing footing financially due to your injury, we will aggressively pursue your case and get the best outcome possible for you.

The spines is very sensitive and prone to serious injuries in all types of situations, especially car accidents. Negligence at not fault of your own can turn your life upside down. Medical malpractice is one way a back or spine injury comes about due to untreated illnesses. Car accidents, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents can also cause serious back injuries resulting in a personal injury case against the negligent party.

Many patients who have settled after such an injury are left with permanent damage to their back that lasts a lifetime. Some patients even undergo emergency surgery to get the best outcome but still end up left with irreversible damage. Patients can’t continue to pay for medical bills and surgeries that cost thousands of dollars especially when they can no longer work.

Messages between the brain and body are sent via the spinal cord. A central bundle of nerves works constantly to provide moment in the body. Most of us never even give it a thought. But when the spinal cord has been damaged, communication between parts of the body are shut down where the site of the injury is. Muscle control is affected, unusual sensations take place at the point of the injury and the autonomic nervous system can have excess activity that is sometimes life threatening.

In scenarios where the spinal cord can heal, it takes a long amount of time and rehab just to get back where you once were. Some people who suffer permanent back injuries die earlier than those who have a healthy intact spinal cord. The sooner the treatment the better; although it can take many years.

Most back injuries are the result of car, truck or motorcycle accidents and are something the victims never plan to happen to them. If you need a back injury attorney in New Mexico give us a call at 505-207-4401 today and we will review your case in a timely manner.