To determine the average semi-truck accident settlement you have to know the severity of the injuries suffered, the accident cause and if pain and suffering will be a factor going forward.

Minor injuries in a truck accident are usually around $60,000 in damages. Serious but not severe injuries are usually around $200,000 or more. Lastly, very severe life changing injuries are around $400,000 or higher.

Trucks cause a lot of damage on the road and thus damages are commonly more than a regular car accident involving only passenger vehicles. The main point to understand is that settlements always vary based on a number of factors. By piecing together everything that happened in a truck accident, a personal injury lawyer can better determine an estimated settlement amount.

You and your personal injury attorney will discuss who was at fault in the accident. Many truck accident cases are determined to be the truck driver’s fault since they have a huge responsibility to maintain their lane and keep control of such a large vehicle. A lot of what happened will impact how easy it is to prove the truck drivers negligence.

Trucking companies can also be at fault for the negligence of the driver they employ making the accident more than one at fault party involved.

Your personal injury lawyer will do an in depth investigation to come up with the clear at fault party. Contact the Law Office of Brian K Branch today to have us handle your trucking accident case. We can be reached at 505-207-4401.