You may already be aware that insurance companies are businesses and it is in their best interests to deny or undervalue claims. There are several strategies that insurers use to avoid paying fair compensation. For example, the insurance adjuster may try to coerce you into admitting fault or making other harmful statements during a recorded phone call.

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If you were injured in a car accident, it is essential that you know how to put yourself in a position to make a successful claim. This is where an injury attorney can help.

One of the most common and detrimental mistakes people make after being injured in a car accident is waiting too long to contact a lawyer. Over time, evidence may disappear and witnesses might relocate or become unavailable. Also, there are specific steps you must take to ensure your claim is successful.

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Read on to learn about five common mistakes that ruin personal injury claims:

  1. Forgetting to Call the Police

As USNews explains, it is not uncommon for drivers to lie to their insurance companies about the cause of a car wreck. If this happens, you will need evidence to prove negligence and liability.

A police report is valuable evidence in any car accident injury claim. Even if nobody seems to be injured, you should still contact law enforcement and get a police report.

  1. Not undergoing a Medical Evaluation

You should never give the insurance company a reason to claim that you are not committed to your recovery. If, for example, you do not see a doctor until several days have passed since your accident, it may be difficult to tie your injuries to the crash. The insurance company also may argue that the delayed diagnosis contributed to the severity of the injury and, therefore, you are not entitled to a full payout.

  1. Not Attending Your Scheduled Doctor’s Appointments

This is another mistake that could allow the insurance company to reduce your payout. It is essential that you attend all of your doctor’s appointments to demonstrate that you are committed to your recovery.

  1. Not Taking Prescribed Medications

Forgetting to take prescribed medications could allow your condition to worsen. Again, this would give the insurer a reason to fight your claim.

  1. Posting Sensitive Information on Facebook and Other Social Networks

It is best that you do not use Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites until your case has finalized. Insurance companies examine these websites for information they can use to deny or undervalue claims. If, for example, you said that your back pain was so intense that you could not perform daily tasks, but you publish a picture of you doing a physical activity, this would reduce your claim’s credibility.

If you were injured in a car crash in New Mexico, contact The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. Call 505-207-4401 to arrange a free initial consultation with an accident lawyer in Albuquerque. You can also learn more about personal injury claims in New Mexico by visiting the USAttorneys website.