Uber has become one of the most powerful commercial transportation companies in the world. According to Forbes, Uber’s value reached $50 billion in 2015. By mid- 2016, its drivers had given more than 2 billion rides. However, the rising number of Uber vehicles on the road has increased the risk of getting in a rideshare accident.

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Rideshare crashes are slightly more complicated than standard accidents involving two passenger-vehicles. There are several insurance policies in play. If you were injured by an Uber vehicle as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, a car accident lawyer can help you identify insurance liability.

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How to Determine Insurance Liability after an Uber Accident

As previously mentioned, there are several insurance policies that could potentially be liable after an Uber accident. The two key factors to consider are:

  1. Who was at fault for the accident?
  2. Was the Uber driver on the clock at the time of the crash?

If you were a passenger in an Uber and another vehicle hit yours, then the driver of that vehicle would be liable for damages. However, if the Uber driver caused the crash, damages will be paid by either the driver’s personal insurance or Uber’s commercial vehicle insurance policy.

If the driver was not on the clock at the time of the crash, then his or her personal insurance policy will be liable for damages. It is important to note that an Uber driver is considered to be off the clock as soon as there are no passengers in the vehicle. However, if the driver was on the clock when the wreck happened, then Uber’s commercial vehicle insurance policy would pay for damages.

What Should I Do after an Uber Accident?

After any crash, your top priority is to seek medical attention. Call the police and request medical assistance if someone was injured. Even if there were no injuries, you should still contact the police to get an accident report.

If you are able, take photos that show traffic signs, injuries, property damage and the positions of vehicles. Be sure to activate the timestamp function on your phone.

Record the insurance and contact information of all drivers involved. Your driver can find Uber’s insurance information at the bottom of the driver app. You should also record the contact details of eyewitnesses.

Then, contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible. There are important steps you must take immediately after a car crash, and one oversight could reduce the value of your claim.

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