Having motorcycle insurance in New Mexico is required and necessary to prove financial responsibility. Since New Mexico is an at fault state for insurance, no coverage or lack of proper coverage can land you in jail and you can also face excessive fines.

Motorcycle riders in New Mexico do get their license suspended for not having insurance. Worse is the fact that medical bills associated with an accident you were involved in will have to come straight out of your pocket if you were the at fault party.

The cheapest and best insurance for motorcyclist in New Mexico includes Progressive, Dairyland, Harley-Davidson, Geico and Markel. It is best to choose full coverage on your insurance plan that includes comprehensive and collision insurance. It costs more than liability insurance by itself, but damage caused by a wreck with another driver or object on the road is covered. Theft or vandalism is also covered under a full coverage policy. There is great risk of not being protected financially and property not being covered without a full policy motorcycle insurance plan.
Typically progressive offers very competitive rates at around $200 a year on average that will include a full coverage policy with a $500 deductible. Progressive customers overall are very happy with the affordability and coverage they get through the company.

The number of uninsured drivers on New Mexico roads is around 22% to 25% everyday. That’s why it’s pertinent to get uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself and your investment in your vehicle. Comprehensive coverage will cover floods, fire, theft and hitting animals crossing the road. Adding an accessory package on top of your main coverage can be valuable if you are concerned about damage to equipment such as your seat, saddlebags and chrome finish on your bike.
We are here to assist in your motorcycle accident case. If your claim is stalled due to an issue with your policy or the at fault parties insurance we can sort it out for you. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases involving serious and deadly motorcycle accidents. Remember, don’t settle your claim without speaking to a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in New Mexico.