You should expect to be compensated for physical therapy sessions and being off of work while you recover from a car accident. Most car accident victims spend months in therapy to return fully to how they were before the accident.

We fight for the maximum compensation you are entitled to after a car accident because we know you deserve it.

The process involves calculating the total amount of damages you’re entitled to from the accident. Only an attorney can fairly assess your losses from missing work and from visiting physical therapists and doctors. Your attorney will need documentation including receipts, medical bills and the amount billed to your insurance including copays for physical therapy.

Noneconomic damages will also be calculated by your attorney. This is the compensation you receive for non-monetary losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, etc. You may be entitled to extra compensation if you went through longer physical therapy than the average patient causing you more pain and recovery time.

Physical therapists will likely need to help you manage pain associated with your injuries. Your doctor will recommend a physical therapist that is best for your pain treatment going forward. By having a physical therapist, risks of secondary injuries are reduced.

Insurance adjusters regularly challenge a victims words on their state of health following a collision. But doctors records, especially from physical therapists prove the level of pain you had as a result of the accident and that can increase your settlement offer.

We understand why insurance companies attempt to pay victims smaller settlement than they are entitled to. The good news is we will fight back against low ball settlement and prove your pain and suffering until a fair settlement is reached.