About 1% of motorcycle riders in the Unites States get in accidents every year in the US. There are nearly 9 million motorcycles owned by residents in the US. Serious life changing injuries are impossible to avoid when that many motorcyclists are on the road.

Motorcycle riders under the age of 18 are required to attend a basic riding course by New Mexico law in order to receive a motorcycle endorsement on their license. Sometimes motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider, but of a motor vehicle driver failing to see or yield to a motorcyclist.

Out of 9 million riders roughly there are close to 90,000 accident involving motorcyclists in the US. Thousands of those accidents result in fatalities.

Considering the total number of registered motorcycles, the risk of a crash is nearly 12%. The risk of any injury at all while riding is over 1%.

There are many common causes of motorcycle accidents including distracted driving, use of alcohol or drugs. But passenger vehicles can just as easily ignore a motorcyclist on the road and end up cutting off the path of a much smaller set of wheel such as a motorcycle A large number of accident are due to a motor vehicle failing to see a motorcycle going straight or passing a car before they make a left or right hand turn. Motor vehicles getting in the path of a motorcycle can be deadly.

Many motorcycle accident involving high speed are the fault of the rider because they can’t slow down fast enough or don’t have enough reaction time. Motorcyclist are constantly not seen on the road or are in the driver’s blind spot and little can be done by a motor vehicle driver to correct the motorcyclists path.

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