According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 18 people died in the oil and gas industries in 2014. Oil fields and construction sites are the most dangerous places to work. Unstable rigs and gas lines can cause explosions that destroy the environment and injure or kill employees.


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Here are four safety items that can protect you on an oilfield and reduce the risk of a debilitating injury:

  1. Protective Face and Eye Gear

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, face shields and safety glasses are mandatory if there is a risk of physical, electrical, radiation or chemical agents injuring the eyes or face, such as when welding, grinding or cutting metal. Companies should provide workers with this equipment and enforce policies to ensure they wear them.

  1. Protective Footwear

Anybody working on a construction, oil or gas site should wear protective boots or work shoes. Metal-toed boots can prevent falling objects or heavy equipment from crushing your toes, and various puncture-resistant, grip-enhancing and slip-reducing soles can prevent devastating foot injuries. Some even offer additional ankle support to reduce the risk of sprains and fractures.

  1. Protective Gloves

Safety gloves can protect your fingers from amputation, laceration, burns and other hand injuries. It is important that they fit comfortably and are appropriate for the required job. For example, concrete work requires heavy-duty rubber gloves, but there are other gloves for other jobs, such as welding gloves or insulation gloves for safer electrical work.

  1. Protective Hats

Hardhats are compulsory in this industry. The risk of falling objects landing on your head is high.

Head injuries can be particularly devastating, and they can occur in various ways including electrical hazards, falls, accidental contact with fixed or moving objects, and more. A hardhat can prevent injury or severely reduce the seriousness of an unavoidable one.

Unfortunately, innocent workers are often injured due to the negligence of other employees, malfunctioning equipment and employers who do not follow OSHA regulations. These victims may be entitled to compensation for health-care bills, time off work and other damages.

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