Working on an oilfield is a risky profession. Despite modern safety equipment and extraction techniques, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a steady rise in fatalities in the oil and gas industry since 2011.


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Here are six steps to take after an oilfield accident:

  1. Tell Your Employer

It is paramount that you let your employer know about the accident as soon as possible. You should use a Notice of Accident Form to do this in writing, as the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration explains. You can get this from your employer directly or from the WCA website.

  1. Get Medical Attention

Oilfield accidents can cause debilitating injuries. Medical attention is imperative – even if you do not notice symptoms.

Your injury lawyer may need medical records to support your claim. Delaying treatment could threaten your ability to recover compensation.

  1. Keep Records

Documenting the details of your injury and the accident is important – especially if the insurance company denies your claim. Collect as much evidence of the incident and your injury as possible, including all documents and records. Write down your personal experiences including the time and date of the accident, any physical symptoms of the injury, doctor’s visits, time off work and any other facts or events related to the incident.

  1. Take Photographs

The value of photographs cannot be overstated. They can demonstrate the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries.

If possible, take as many photographs as you can. Take wide-angle pictures of the accident scene and close-ups of any malfunctions that contributed to the incident. Also, take close-up pictures of your injuries.

  1. Gather Witness Details

If anyone witnessed the accident, write down his or her contact details. Witness testimonies may strengthen your claim. They often notice details that involved parties miss, such as the factors that caused the accident. Their testimonies may be particularly important if the insurance company denies your claim.

  1. Keep a Medical File

Your medical records are vital for proving your economic losses. Keep every receipt and correspondence related to your injury. The insurance company will need these records to calculate damages. Keep a medical file so the documents are safe and easy to access.

If you or a loved one was the victim of an oilfield accident, contact the Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC. An Albuquerque injury lawyer can handle settlement negotiations on your behalf.

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