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How Much Is My Personal-Injury Case Worth? Albuquerque Car Accident Attorney Explains

It’s easy to predict some of the costs associated with a car accident, such as time spent away from work, repairs to your vehicle, and medical costs. However, there are all kinds of losses and expenses you might not expect – until the bills arrive. […]

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How Can I Prevent Friends from Driving Drunk on Labor Day? 4 Tips from an Albuquerque Injury Lawyer

Labor Day is the perfect time to relax, unwind and spend some time catching up with friends and family. Unfortunately, many people choose to overdo the celebrating – especially when it comes to drinking alcohol. […]

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What Elements Do I Need to Prove in a Drunk Driving Injury Claim? Insights from a New Mexico Injury Lawyer

Poor weather, unsafe lane changes, tailgating – these can all contribute to serious car crashes. But there’s one danger that’s more deadly than all of these: drunk driving. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 9,967 people killed in alcohol-related crashes in 2014. That’s an average of one drunk-driving [...]

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Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyer Offers 5 Tips to Keep Children Safe in the Summer

Now that summer’s in full swing, children are playing outside well into the evenings, and motorists everywhere have an obligation to keep their communities safe. Even if you don’t live near a park or school, you probably pass children playing in your neighborhood on your way to or from work. […]

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3 Main Causes of Car Accidents, and How to Avoid Them – Key Insights from an Albuquerque Personal-Injury Attorney

Lane departure warnings, crash avoidance systems, backup cameras – new automotive safety technologies are preventing accidents and savings lives. Sadly, a remarkable number of collisions still happen in the United States every year. Recent findings from the National Safety Council show that 4.4 million people needed medical attention after car accidents in 2015 – an 8-percent increase [...]

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How Can Parents Help Their Kids Avoid Car Crashes and Injuries? 4 Tips from an Albuquerque Injury Lawyer

Most parents feel mixed emotions when their kids start driving. While this is an exciting milestone in your child’s life, driving comes with inherent dangers – especially for young and inexperienced motorists. […]

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What Should You Do after an Accident with a Drunk Driver in New Mexico? 4 Tips from an Albuquerque Injury Attorney

New Mexico law enforcement has been cracking down on drunk driving over the last decade – and this has led to positive changes. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, alcohol-related traffic deaths have decreased by 40 percent since 2005. […]

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Should You Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company? Insights from an Albuquerque Personal-Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in a car accident, then you probably have a long list of questions. Who will pay for my medical bills and other losses? When should I contact my insurance company? […]

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How Do You Spot a Drunk Driver? 8 Signs from an Albuquerque Personal-Injury Lawyer

It’s no secret that alcohol contributes to accidents. In fact, 16 percent of drivers who were in fatal crashes in 2014 were under the influence of alcohol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. […]

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What Is the Most Common Car Accident Injury? Albuquerque Injury Lawyer Explains

A serious wreck can damage any part of the body. Broken bones, lacerations and head wounds happen often, but the most common accident injury is soft tissue damage. […]

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