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Pfizer Recalls

Three blood pressure medications have been recently recalled by Pfizer. The reason for the recall is potential exposure to N-nitroso-quinapril which is a cancer causing impurity. It was found in Accuretic, the generic form of quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide and quinapril HCI hydrochlorothiazide tablets. Recalls involving medications with suspected cancer-causing impurities have been common over the [...]

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Average Settlement For Bad Drug

Bad prescription drugs are dangerous if they are not tested ahead of time or if a manufacturing failure causes harm to the person taking the drug. Prescription drug companies sometimes put profits ahead of people’s safety. These companies have a duty to put out prescriptions that are safe and pass safety standards so the drug’s [...]

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Back Injury Attorney

Back and spinal cord injuries generally go hand in hand. It’s hard to just injure your back and also not your spinal cord. Such an injury has the potential to be life changing and cause constant pain. When having suffered this kind of injury at no fault of your own, it is best to reach [...]

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Average Settlement For Truck Accident

To determine the average semi-truck accident settlement you have to know the severity of the injuries suffered, the accident cause and if pain and suffering will be a factor going forward. Minor injuries in a truck accident are usually around $60,000 in damages. Serious but not severe injuries are usually around $200,000 or more. Lastly, [...]

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Treating Physician Rule

This rule used to mean that the doctor’s opinion was the most important opinion on how severe a patient’s condition was. Until January of 2017, doctor’s opinions had a huge impact on whether someone won their disability benefits case when a medical condition was involved. Social Security now equally weighs the opinion of all medical [...]

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Will Auto Insurance Cover An Unlicensed Driver

It is never a good idea to drive without insurance and it’s illegal to do so. However if you are trying to figure out whether insurance will cover an unlicensed driver is yes it will cover everyone listed on the policy with exceptions. As long as the policy is active it will cover all drivers [...]

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Spinal Injury Lawyers

Spinal cord injuries can create physical pain that may never go away after a traumatic injury. The Law Office of Brian K Branch, we care about the outcome of your situation after you went through a personal injury. We have the resources to litigate any case and get you the compensation you deserve. Some spinal [...]

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