According to KRQE News 13, a New Mexico high school is rallying behind a teacher who was seriously injured in a massive car crash. The six-car pileup left the teacher, who has two young sons, in critical condition. Other teachers have asked if they can give their coworker their accumulated sick leave so his family can maintain some semblance of financial security while he remains hospitalized.

Members of the community have also been asking about the cause of the collision. After conducting a preliminary investigation, Albuquerque Police claim that a woman who was speeding in an Infiniti rear-ended another vehicle that had been stopped at a red light.

The force of the impact caused the vehicle to hit two other cars, while the Infiniti hit two additional vehicles, as well. Police believe the woman who caused the initial collision had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, and they are waiting for the results of a toxicology report in order to complete the investigation. Normally, police would conduct field sobriety tests at the scene; however, they were unable to do so in this case because first responders had to take the woman straight to the hospital.

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What Should I Do Following a Multi-Car Pileup?

Multi-car pileups are inherently more complicated than collisions involving just two vehicles. If you find yourself in one, there are steps you need to take immediately following the crash in order to file a successful personal injury claim against the liability party or parties.

Your first priority in a multi-car collision should be everyone’s safety. Pull out of the flow of traffic if possible, and then check yourself and your passengers for injuries. After addressing any immediate concerns, call the police. Even if no one in your car sustained serious injuries, someone in another vehicle may have, so call 911 as soon as possible.

If you have a first-aid kit in your vehicle and you feel comfortable responding to trauma, see if anyone else involved in the collision needs help while you are waiting for first responders to arrive. Once police arrive and take control of the situation, use your phone to document the scene.

Take photos of your injuries and property damage, as well as any skid marks and relevant traffic signs. You should also record the contact information of any eyewitnesses and everyone involved in the collision including passengers. Your back injury lawyer may need to interview those involved when building your case.

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