According to KRQE News 13, a motorcyclist sustained fatal injuries in a crash on I-40 earlier this month. The accident occurred near the Second Street exit at around 10:30 a.m. on a Friday.

Although the rider was not actually struck by a car and instead lost control of the bike before careening into a barrier, one witness believes another motorist may be responsible for the collision. The witness claims she had gotten on I-40 eastbound at Rio Grande Boulevard and intended to get off at the 12th Street exit.

Shortly before she reached her exit, the woman claims she heard the roar of a motorcycle approaching from behind her vehicle. She alleges the rider was traveling one lane over and passed her rapidly.

The witness claims there was a dark four-door sedan just behind the motorcycle, and she thought it was traveling dangerously close to the rider. The vehicle was tailing the bike so closely, in fact, that the woman suspected road rage, racing, or some kind of chase between the two.

It appeared to her that the motorist in the car was intent on catching up to the rider, and she felt compelled to call 911. By the time the woman reached a dispatcher, she had gotten off the freeway and entered a parking lot. The witness claims the dispatcher then told her that an accident had just occurred on I-40 eastbound slightly further down the road.

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Witness Hopes Other Motorists Who Saw the Accident Will Speak Up

The woman who is convinced the motorist in the sedan was at least partially responsible for the fatal collision hopes others who saw the crash will reach out to police. She admits that if no one else speaks out and the driver who was tailing the bike does not step forward, investigators may never be able to determine what actually happened.

She believes the other motorist needs to take responsibility, but as of right now, the crash remains under investigation. Police have not identified the rider yet, who was allegedly wearing a helmet when the accident occurred.

After careening into the eastbound barrier, the motorcyclist landed in the westbound lanes, which caused a subsequent crash on the other side of I-40. The collisions resulted in the closure of both sides of the freeway until approximately noon so police could investigate.

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