Motorcyclists are more likely than other drivers to sustain serious or fatal injuries in collisions. Because riders are so vulnerable in traffic, they are also more likely to incur significant damages in a wreck.

Motorcycle crashes cost billions annually in direct expenses like medical bills and loss of productivity. As a result, riders should purchase as much coverage as they can reasonably afford.

If you get hurt in a motorcycle accident, there is no guarantee the liable party will remain at the scene or have a large enough policy to cover the damages. In either scenario, your own insurance policy might help pay for your damages if you have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

Filing any kind of claim is challenging, but you do not have to navigate the proceedings alone. If you sustained injuries in a crash that was not your fault, turn to The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC.

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Read on to learn how to save on motorcycle insurance so you can purchase a sizable policy to cover all eventualities:

  1. Be Realistic About Your Riding Habits

Most motorcyclists will admit they wish they could ride every day, but in reality, they take their bike out on weekends or a couple times per month. If you only ride on occasion, though, it could actually work in your favor. Most insurance providers offer an infrequent rider discount for “part-time” bikers.

  1. Join a Riding Club

Some of the larger insurance providers offer discounts for riders who are members of clubs like:

  • The American Motorcyclist Association;
  • BMW Motorcycle Owners of America;
  • Harley Owners Group;
  • Honda Riders Club of America;
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation;
  • Gold Wing Riders Association; or
  • Motorcycle Touring Association.

Compare the cost—and benefits—of joining such a club with how much you might save on insurance to see if doing so is worth it.

  1. Increase the Deductible

If you have a sizable emergency fund, it may be wise to raise the deductibles on all your insurance policies. This will automatically result in lower premiums.

  1. Complete a Safety Course 

Even experienced riders could use a refresher course once in a while, and completing a certified program could result in a substantial discount on motorcycle insurance. See what kinds of courses are offered in your area, and then confirm with your insurance provider the discount you will get by completing one.

  1. Ask About Other Discounts

Providers may offer discounts for everything from anti-theft devices to certified safety gear. There are also age-related discounts for more experienced motorcyclists and additional savings for those who purchase their car insurance from the same company.

Unfortunately, even if you buy plenty of coverage by using the tips above, filing a successful claim can still be challenging. If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, do not rely on the insurance adjuster to guide you through the proceedings. Instead, turn to The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC for quality counsel every step of the way.

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