According to KOB 4, a tragic pedestrian accident that occurred at a crosswalk in Albuquerque late last month resulted in the death of a young girl. Local police claim the 12-year-old girl was crossing at Natalie Avenue and Louisiana Boulevard just south of Montgomery Boulevard on a Thursday afternoon when she was struck by an SUV.

The incident occurred near Cleveland Middle School at a marked crosswalk; however, it was after school hours, so the lights indicating the area was a school zone were not flashing. Investigators determined that one vehicle stopped to allow the pedestrian to cross, but the SUV that had been traveling in another lane did not.

After striking the girl, the SUV careened into a fence at the school. Responders rushed the victim to a local hospital. She died shortly after midnight from injuries sustained in the impact.

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Police Do Not Believe Alcohol Impairment Played a Role

Based on what investigations have already revealed, police do not believe the crash was anything more than a tragic accident. They determined that alcohol impairment did not play a role, but they are still unsure whether speed was a factor.

Officers blocked off the intersection immediately after the incident to investigate, but a short while later, it was reopened. One Cleveland Middle School student said she and her friends are shocked at what happened, and she claimed she does not use that particular crosswalk because she has seen so many close calls there.

The principal of the school sent a letter home to parents informing them of the tragedy and reminding them to look for signs of distress in their own children, who may want to talk to someone about their emotions. The school also had counselors, teachers, and Crisis Team members on site on Friday to talk to students, teachers, and parents who were upset over what happened.

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