If you sustain serious head, neck, or back injuries in a motor vehicle collision and you want to hold the liable party financially accountable, there are steps you must take immediately following the incident in order to build your case. At the end of the day, failing to do something as simple as photographing the scene could inhibit you from building a strong claim later on and ultimately prevent you from securing a fair settlement.

Before leaving the scene, for example, it is essential that you:

  • Document the accident;
  • Exchange contact and insurance information; and
  • Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses or passengers.

It is important to remember that building a strong case merely begins at the accident scene. Once you have completed the above steps, you must seek adequate medical care, track all potential damages, and begin the claims process.

If you sustained serious injuries, though, you have enough to worry about without having to navigate complicated proceedings on top of everything else. For this reason, it is wise to seek quality legal representation.

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Read on to learn what you should do immediately following a motor vehicle collision:

  1. Pull over to a Safe Place

If possible, get out of the flow of traffic. Do not stray too far from the scene, though, or you may be charged with hit and run. Additionally, if you drive too far away, any photographs that you take will not be an accurate representation of the incident.

  1. Call the Police

In the state of New Mexico, motorists must report all collisions that result in bodily injury, death, or property damage of at least $500. If the accident occurred in a municipality, one of the drivers involved must report it to the local police department. Otherwise, someone must report the incident to the nearest office of the New Mexico State Police or to the office of the county sheriff.

  1. Gather Evidence at the Scene

If you are physically capable of getting up and walking around, it is wise to start building your case while still at the scene. This includes photographing the vehicles involved, exchanging insurance information with the other motorists, documenting any early symptoms or injuries, and getting the contact information of any witnesses.

Those who do not require medical care at the scene should visit their doctor as soon as possible for a full health assessment. After seeking medical care, it is time to call an injury attorney.

If you sustained a serious or debilitating head injury in a car accident, contact The Law Office of Brian K. Branch, PC to determine if you have grounds for a claim. Call 505-207-4401 to schedule a free consultation with a head injury lawyer in Albuquerque. You can learn more about car accident claims in New Mexico by visiting usattorneys.com/car-accident/new-mexico.